1776 Forever Free

About Us

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Dr. Cordie Williams

Dr. Cordie Williams has taught and trained world-renowned athletes in professional sports all over the United States, he has worked with the likes of Brian Westbrook, Hines Ward, Jay Ratliff, Heather Mitts, Charlie Whitehurst, Tyson Claboe, Dimitri Patterson, and many others. He is regarded as a biomechanical expert as well as  specializing in Curve Corrective Chiropractic which gets to the root cause of chemical, physical, and emotional stress without the use of drugs and surgery. Dr. Williams is considered the leading authority on a technique he created called Functional Resistance Stretching or (FRS), and trains Doctors around the country on the technique for the last twelve years.  He is a leader in the Chiropractic profession, as well a professional speaker, addressing audiences of several thousand and has been invited to speak at the largest Chiropractic event in the United States, Cal Jam in March of 2021. The COVID pandemic has broadened Dr. Williams’ platform to one of activism and Constitutional Freedom. He began defending his country as a U.S. Marine in 1998, and now since the pandemic started, he felt his constitutional freedoms and those of so many other Americans, being violated. As a result, he decided to pick up a Megaphone, and he began doing protests all over California.  One such protest would find the Doctor in Sacramento on May 1st at the State Capitol talking to 60 California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officers dressed in full riot gear.  After Dr. Williams had witnessed 3 women slammed to the ground, and handcuffed, he went viral as he picked up a Megaphone, and began to talk the officers down off their position.  The video received 8.2 million hits on Facebook, and is estimated to have received 15 million on all platforms.  These events emboldened the Doctor to start an organization to protect freedom and choice, called 1776 Forever Free.  The sole purpose of 1776 is to protect constitutional freedoms for all Americans. Dr. Williams has gone from leading Marines preparing for combat to leading his community towards health, to now leading America back to our Constitutional Freedoms!

Chris Lippe

Chris’ journey began in San Diego, CA and continues there today. While attending San Diego State University, he started his first company, eventually selling it 15 years later. Today he owns four companies primarily in the lifestyle and healthcare space. Fascinated with United States history, he travels the country visiting historic sites, museums, and places of interest. Chris continually strives to learn from his interactions with people from across America. He is also a passionate father, supporting his two children in all their endeavors, believing in Parental Commitment. He is the Co-Founder of “1776 Forever Free”, a community organization which promotes supporting the Constitution of America and the Freedoms it provides us.